Daniel says his ex, Lynsey, accused him of molesting their now 4-year-old daughter, Sophie – an accusation deemed untrue by the court. Now, Daniel worries that Lynsey, who has since lost custody, will try to turn their daughter against him.

Daniel claims that after he refused to marry Lynsey once learning she was pregnant, that she told him the child was not his – and she then gave birth without telling him.

Daniel says he filed for paternity and when Sophie turned 3, he received unsupervised visitation with their daughter. That’s when he says Lynsey started accusing him of molesting their little girl.

“After the investigation, it was determined that I, 100 percent, did not do what Lynsey was accusing me of, so I filed for custody at that time,” Daniel explains. “The court determined that Lynsey was coaching our daughter to make these accusations against me.”

Now, a year after losing custody, Lynsey is on the verge of gaining supervised overnight visits with their daughter. But Daniel is worried about Lynsey “brainwashing” Sophie, and possibly trying to take her away.

“One of my biggest fears is that Lynsey is capable of running away with our daughter,” Daniel says on Monday’s Dr. Phil. “There is absolutely no predicting what she’s going to do because she’s so unstable.”

Lynsey claims Sophie returned home from an overnight visit with her father in December 2014 and there was “physical damage to her private areas” and “she was acting extremely traumatized.”

“I was determined to get her help to find out what happened. The therapist was pretty much convinced that she had been sexually abused,” Lynsey claims.

Following the visit, Lynsey recorded two videos of Sophie crying and – according to Lynsey, claiming she didn’t want to see her father again because he might hurt her.

But Daniel maintains that Lynsey had coached the child into saying such things, in order to get him out of Sophie’s life.

Daniel says he now wants Lynsey to come clean about coaching their little girl. Does she admit to it and does she still believe Daniel sexually abused their daughter?