“My parents have called the cops on us several times,” says 21-year-old Michael.

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Sixteen-year-old Matthew says, “My parents don’t want me to go to jail, but they’re trying to get me caught and stuff – How’s that working out for you?”

David says the police came to their home one night after he claims his older son Michael drove home “extremely intoxicated and then decided he was going back out – and – I ended up hitting him.”

On another occasion, says David, “He started getting belligerent and I called the police to have him removed – and then he attacked me.”

“Matthew punched him (Michael) in the nose and caused quite the bloody mess there,” says Tina.

“Whenever we try to have a conversation it just gets heated and everybody starts yelling,” says Michael, who concludes, “and now I just don’t care.” He says that’s because he feels like the family has failed.

Michael says his parents have kicked him out of the house. Matthew says all the family does is fight. He recently left his parents’ house and moved in with Michael.

Why do Tina and David say their mistake in raising their boys – was spoiling them when they were younger? Tune in to Monday’s Dr. Phil.

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