Nicole admits to drinking up to a liter of vodka every day. The 27-year-old claims she’s had three DUIs and has been hospitalized 15 times in the last four years, due to alcohol poisoning.

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“My daughter is a raging alcoholic. She is literally drinking herself to death,” says Nicole’s father, Nels.

“We’ve blown through every dime of our retirement,” says her mother, Christi, who claims they’ve spent over $20,000 on hospitalizations and helping their daughter out of legal trouble.

Claiming that Nicole has been to five rehabs and kicked out of three sober living houses, Christi and Nels say it’s a life-or-death situation. Why does Christi claim she feels like she’s the only person who is fighting for Nicole?

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27-Year-Old Admits Drinking Up To A Liter Of Vodka Per Day