Bryan is a single dad who says he has fostered 17 children over the years, sometimes taking in two kids at a time.

However, Bryan says his efforts have taken a dark turn, as he claims he is now the victim of constant bullying at the hands of his current foster son.

“He’s absolutely out of control. You never know when he’s going to snap,” Bryan tells Dr. Phil. “I live in fear of not knowing what he will do next.”

Bryan claims his foster son has been verbally and physically abusive, and once even tried to duct tape Bryan to a chair inside their home.

“He had come home. I believe he was drunk or high on something,” Bryan claims. “I confronted him on grades at school. He immediately started punching holes in the wall, smacked at me a couple times … he hit me in the eye a couple times. Then, he kind of moved into the corner and he said sit down in the chair. I thought he was going to talk or maybe calm down. He got out a roll of duct tape.”

Bryan says the teen told him to sit in the chair and put his hands behind his back, where Bryan claims his foster son attempted to tape his wrists together.

“He didn’t get very far, so he stopped and he left,” he says.

Bryan says his foster son is not always violent, telling Dr. Phil, “He’s not always this horrible monster from hell. He’s not. He has good days too.” Though Bryan does admit he’s worried about how far his son might go. “But when he is stemming out of control, the rage is like nothing I’ve ever seen in my 38 years on this planet.”

“He has seriously injured me before. And I’m deathly afraid he could really injure me, and if not me, he could definitely injure somebody else,” he adds. “He gets so far out of control with anger, that he gets to a point and he doesn’t know when to stop.”

On Wednesday’s show, Dr. Phil offers some advice for Bryan – as well as a powerful warning about his foster son’s behavior. Check here to see where you can watch.