Five Michigan teenagers accused of killing a father of four by dropping a six-pound rock from a highway overpass and hitting the car he was riding in are facing charges of second-degree murder. All five teens have pleaded not guilty.

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The victim, 32-year-old Kenneth White, was fatally injured on October 18, 2017, just north of Flint. Kyle Anger, 17, Mikaydyn Payne, 16, Mark Sekelsky, 16, Alexander Miller, 15, and Trevor Gray, 15, have all been charged as adults. Police allege the teens had a history of tossing items off the crossing.

In a daytime exclusive Dr. Phil airing Wednesday, Mikaydyn Payne’s father, Michael, says he wants the world to know that his son “Is not this type of a boy that would participate in anything like this... however he got caught up in allegedly participating, I don’t know.”

Michael Payne describes his son as a helpful teenager who enjoys being outdoors, doesn’t drink or do drugs, and was known to stand up for others against bullying. What does he say Mikaydyn’s relationship was to the other boys accused of causing Kenneth White’s death?

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Dad Of Teen Accused In Deadly Michigan Rock-Throwing Incident Claims His Son 'Is Not A Follower'