“My granddaughter cusses me out, and she’s pulled my hair. And she’s kicked me,” says Debbie, describing 9-year-old Makenze’s behaviors. “She flips out over nothing, and we don’t know why.”

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Makenze’s mom, Lisa, says her daughter has been diagnosed with multiple disorders and prescribed numerous medications since the age of 5 to treat her for her disruptive behaviors.

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She says her ex, Eric, blames her for their daughter’s problems.

“She just needs to come up with a better punishment,” says Eric, in the video above. He accuses Lisa of “pushing her (Makenze) down and smacking her in the face.” Eric, who admits he has “whupped” Makenze with a belt to get her to behave, also claims Makenze is overmedicated. He says Lisa doesn’t know how to parent.

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Debbie says Eric isn’t around enough to know what he’s talking about, claiming he only sees Makenze a couple of times a month. “I think Eric is full of excuses and he needs to grow up and be a dad,” says the grandmother. Lisa also says she wants Eric to become more involved, but Eric says he stays away because he and Lisa “just cannot get along.”

“Shame on you people,” interjects Dr. Phil. “It’s easy to sit up in the cheap seats and criticize what people are doing – but it’s harder to say ‘here’s a solution.'”

Dr. Phil says he knows how to help Makenze, but can the adults in her life put aside their differences long enough to listen?

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