Xavier and his ex-wife, Melissa, say they’ve tried everything to get their two adult sons, Jonas, 23, and Tristan, 21, on the right path. They claim both sons are entitled, violent, and combative pot smokers who wouldn’t be able to survive without their help.

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“If I kick the kids out of the house they would be homeless, and they would definitely get arrested,” says Xavier.

“I don’t know that the boys are mature enough at 21 and 23 to take care of themselves,” adds Melissa.

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Watch the video above to hear what Xavier and Melissa claim they’ve spent on bail, rehab for Jonas, replacing broken electronics, and getting stolen items out of the pawn shop, as well as the financial impact from the vandalism on Xavier’s home.

How do the former couple respond when Dr. Phil asks: “Would you guys agree that your raising of these boys has not been a big success?”

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