Shelly says her 6-year-old daughter, Madisyn, is a “brat” who throws tantrums, talks back, makes messes all over the house, and refuses to clean her room. She claims her husband, Oggie, gives in to Madisyn – and their other kids – which causes them to “walk all over the top of him.”

“I try to discipline [but] it’s pointless because he overrides everything I say,” says Shelly.

Oggie says that rather than dealing with the chaos in their home, it’s just easier for him to give in to whatever the children want. “I know how to parent, but it’s the fact that they’re not listening,” he says.

Oggie claims that Shelly’s parenting style is “too aggressive,” while Shelly says she just wants Oggie to be on the same page with her when it comes to parenting their kids.

How do Oggie and Shelly respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Are you willing to change what you’re doing?”

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Parenting Dilemma; Good Cop Dad vs. Bad Cop Mom,” to find out!

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Teen Claims Dad Treats Younger Sister ‘Like A Queen’

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Playing Teen Claims Dad Treats Younger Sister ‘Like A Queen’