Raegon says she’s fed up with her 17-year-old daughter, Maya’s, destructive behaviors. She says Maya skips school, has violent outbursts and is now uses marijuana and other drugs.

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But Maya, who admits to trying a number of drugs, as well as to drinking on occasion, claims she’s not the only one. “My dad smokes pot. My mom smokes pot. And so do I, but so what?” she claims, adding, “My mom steals all my pipes and bongs and then she acts like she doesn’t do it and she literally uses them and gives them to her friends.”

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Continuing, Maya says, “Last week I smoked weed with my dad, and it was weird.” Maya’s father, Steve, who denies smoking marijuana with his daughter, says he allows her to smoke the drug, “Because it calms her down. Otherwise, she’ll start throwing things and screaming.”

Raegon’s boyfriend, Craig, says he and Raegon once provided the alcohol for a party Maya and her sister had at the family home, because, “We would rather them be drinking at home than be out at parties getting wasted.”

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“Every adult in my family does drugs, but I’m the problem,” claims Maya. When she and Steve both claim that Raegon is a “mean drunk,” how does Raegon respond?

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