John and Allison’s marriage had ended before their daughter, Lauren, was brutally killed in 2011. The 6-year-old was stabbed to death by Allison’s (then) boyfriend, David.

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In the video above, John admits he struggles with alcoholism, which he says got considerably worse “and eventually spun out of control” as a result of the tragedy.

John says shortly after Lauren’s death; Allison started making it “extremely difficult” for him to see his surviving son and daughter. “She was under the assumption that my drinking was something that would impact the children.”

Allison says her son called her crying one day, claiming John was driving erratically and threatening to kill himself. She asserts, “As long as he continues the path he’s on with the drinking – he’s not fit to be a father.”

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Ultimately, John says Allison stopped letting him see the children altogether. “The whole idea of not being able to see my kids has been the constant fuel that drives my alcoholism.”

It’s also revealed that Allison currently has an order of protection against her ex-husband.

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Is Allison being too tough on John by not allowing him to see their kids? Tune in on Friday to learn what Dr. Phil says it will take for John to regain a relationship with his children.

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A Grieving Brother’s Life After His Little Sister’s Senseless Death