What if there was a place you could watch exclusive breaking news stories, get all the latest fashion and show biz buzz, the hottest trending topics and the latest in true crime news, with a click of your remote? Now there is! DailyMail.com, the world’s most-read English language website, is now also DailyMailTV, and it launches Monday, September 18. Hosted by Jesse Palmer, the groundbreaking and captivating news show will highlight breaking news, exclusive stories and viral videos.

“There are great news magazines out there for celebrity and all, like ET, which is one of our sister shows that we love, but this is not just celebrity. This is all kinds of things,” says Dr. Phil, who created the program along with his son, Jay, and the executive producer of Dr. Phil.

“One of the things I love most about the Daily Mail is the scope and the range of the different stories we can tell,” Palmer says. “There’s so many exclusives, whether it’s show biz or politics, crime, technology, science, sports, food -- we can go anywhere and talk about anything on this show. And that’s one thing I’m really, really thrilled about.”

Watch a preview of DailyMailTV here. In the video above, hear more from Dr. Phil and Palmer about the exciting new show.

DailyMailTV starts tonight and airs Monday through Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.

Watch a preview!