After talking to a man he met on a dating app for about a month, Holden says he made plans for their first date. But what was supposed to be a fun night playing video games turned into his worst nightmare. Holden was kidnapped, strangled, stabbed, and nearly killed. He ended up in a coma for three days.

“His main goal was to keep my hands as trophies, have other parts of me as memorabilia, and [keep] other parts of me to have as food,” says Holden in the video above.

Watch Thursday’s episode Dr. Phil, “Dating App Horror Stories,” to find out what happened to Holden’s attacker. Plus, hear why Holden says he continues to use dating apps despite his harrowing experience.

And later, Dr. Phil talks to a woman who says she would rather be single than ever use a dating app again. What does she say made her feel that way?

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WATCH: Woman Claims Man She Met Through A Dating App Neglected To Tell Her He Had A Girlfriend

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