Donna claims her 28-year-old daughter, Brittany, constantly threatens violence and is physically and verbally attacks her and other family members. She says Brittany can’t live with her anymore because she fears one of them will end up in jail – or dead.

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“For years she’s been threatening to put me in the street,” says Brittany, who vehemently denies her mother’s claims. Brittany insists that she is capable of being on her own but hasn’t been able to leave her mother’s home because she’s been labeled as having mental health issues.

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“Believe me, if she could be on her own, she would have been on her own,” says Donna who claims that Brittany has “serious psychological problems” and isn’t stable enough to live independently.

“You’re telling her what she can’t do, and I’m trying to focus on what we can come up with as a plan,” says Dr. Phil to Donna in the video above.

If Brittany can’t return to live in her mother’s home, does she have a place to go?

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