Morgan and Ashley claim their mom, Treva, is a “violent alcoholic” who has spent 170 days in jail, been to rehab eight times and has had the police called to their house 57 times.

Things have gotten so bad, they say the 911 operators are on a first-name basis with their mom.

“She loves to call 911 for a variety of reasons,” Ashley claims. “I feel like a lot of times my mom calls 911 because she’s lonely and she just wants someone to talk to.”

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Treva insists she only calls 911 when there is an emergency.

“When I call 911, I have a legitimate thing to talk to them about,” Treva says. “I call 911 when there is a serious problem.”

Some examples of what she called about include, asking the 911 operator, “Is it advisable to have the heat on when you have a fever?” adding, “I’m not feeling well. I think it’s menopause … I’m 49 pushing 50, and you’re invited to my 50th birthday party by the way.”

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Watch the video above for more excerpts of some of Treva’s calls. And watch more from this show here.