Megan says she has good reasons for having cut her father, Allen, out of her life – but she says it still wasn’t an easy thing to do.

“I made a really hard decision about two years ago to cut my dad out of my life,” Megan says. “I never imagined I would do that.”

Growing up, Megan claims her father – who raised her on his own from the time she was 10 – would smoke cigarettes and pot with her when she was a teenager “on a daily basis,” something she now regrets.

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“Looking back on it now makes me so angry,” the married mother of three says.

Besides what she describes as questionable parenting decisions, Megan says she also turned her back on her father in part because of his past legal troubles and how she says he has acted as a grandfather to her own children.

“Part of the reason I stopped talking to my father was he didn’t respect me as a parent,” she explains. “I would ask him not to do things and he would do the exact opposite.”

Allen claims Megan’s husband, Jim, is really the one behind Megan’s decision to cut him out of her life, claiming Jim is trying to control Megan and, according to Allen, has “eliminated everybody in my daughter’s life who might have some influence over her. “

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But Jim says Allen “is a manipulative con man” and a “narcissist” and insists he hasn’t forced his wife to stop talking to her father.

Megan says she has explained her reasons to her father in a lengthy letter she sent him on social media, which she says he dismissed as “gobbledygook,” and she insists it was her decision – and she’s not being controlled by Jim.

“My father continually tells people that I am controlled. My husband is not controlling at all. I am so tired of hearing I have no mind of my own,” she says.

Watch the video above as Jim admits he has “imposed” his will on his wife “to change [her] for the better.” What exactly does he mean?

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