Cindi says four years ago, her daughters shared with her that they had been sexually abused by her father, their grandfather. The girls testified against their grandfather and he was sentenced to 86 years in prison and now, Cindi says her extended family has turned their backs on her, accusing her of making up the allegations.

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“They are convinced I made this up and forced my children to lie about it,” Cindi claims. “I never would. I’d never put my children through this. I wouldn’t put myself through this.”

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On Tuesday's episode of Dr. Phil, Cindi’s daughters stand by their claims and defend their mother.

“I was molested by him. He did this to me. This is not a lie. She did not make this up,” says Cindi’s oldest daughter, Sydney.” I remember, vividly, a lot of things. My mother didn’t fabricate this. That side of the family is covering up for him or attempting to.”

Raechel adds, “Not a lie at all.”

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In the video above, hear Cindi describe the internal conflict that she says is tearing her apart.

“My head tells me, ‘You did everything right. You did everything you needed to do to keep them safe, and not just them, anybody else he was doing this to,’” she explains. “But my heart keeps telling me, ‘Hey, Stupid. You should have known better. You were their mom. You took your sweet little lambs over there, you laid them out on the altar, turned around and looked at the wolf and said, Here, have at ‘em.’”

On Tuesday's episode, Dr. Phil tells Cindi what he believes she needs to do to move forward and take back her power. Check here to see where you can watch.

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