Marissa says last summer, she started getting suspicious of her father’s behavior because she claims he was constantly checking his phone and “rushing out the door.” So she says she snooped through his cell phone.

“What I found was a text message about my dad paying a bondsman a $10,000 bond for this woman,” Marissa says.

Marissa says she then investigated her dad’s computer and claims she found emails that he sent to another woman, and an Internet history of checking out “pornographic” and “call girl” websites.

She claims that after she confronted her father, a former pastor and insurance salesman who has been married to her mother for 34 years, she learned about the double life he had been leading.

“My dad claimed to be on an escort website so that he could sell insurance to call girls. I thought he was crazy,” Marissa says. “The worst part is my mom believes him.”

Marissa says after learning about her dad’s “secret life,” and that, she claims, he spent more than $60,000 on one particular woman he met on the website, she encouraged her mother to file for divorce.

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Marissa’s mother says after helping her husband “cope with what he had done,” she believed their relationship was getting better, so she called off the divorce the day they went to court.

“When my mom backed out of the divorce, I was astonished and extremely disappointed,” Marissa says, adding that she no longer communicates with her mom. “I’m angry at my mom for forgiving him. She’s being deceived.”

Robert admits that he had a relationship with a woman he met on a “call girl” website, but claims it was mostly over the phone and they only went as far as kissing – and that he has told his wife and daughter the full truth about his affair.

But Marissa says she thinks there’s more to the story. On Friday’s episode, Dr. Phil attempts to get to the truth. Watch more here.