Angela says that her relationship with her mother, Anita, was ruined when her mother became entangled in a money scam with former NFL quarterback Art Schlichter.

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“My mother was the type of woman who would give to everyone. She was very sweet and kind,” says Angela. “But after my mother started to spend a lot of time with Art Schlichter, she became a different person. She was very cold. She was distant towards me.”

Seventy-three-year-old Anita claims that Schlichter conned her out of millions of dollars and forced her to scam friends and employees out of $500,000 and that she was too scared of repercussions to tell anyone about the situation.

“My daughter would ask me questions, but I had to lie to her because I couldn’t tell her what was going on, and I was even afraid to tell her because I didn’t know if she would confront Art,” Anita says. “I’ve shamed my daughter and I’ve shamed my family.”

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Angela says she is furious that her mother became involved with Schlichter after she warned her to stay away from him, and she doesn’t know how to fix the broken trust.

“I’m so angry that one man could ruin our family. My mother trusted Art. He took everything she owned,” she says. “I hope Art Schlichter burns in hell.”

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