Ashely and Marena say it’s been months since they’ve seen their mother, Traci, because they claim her drinking is out of control. The sisters assert that when Traci drinks, she becomes “mean,” “judgmental,” and a danger to herself and others.

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Describing one incident, Marena says that after a night of drinking with her boyfriend, Traci called Marena on video chat in a panic. “She had cut off the tip of her finger. She was so drunk that she didn’t remember how.”

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Another time, she says Traci slammed her granddaughter's hand in a door while drunk, and since then, Marena won’t allow Traci to see her kids.

“My mom’s drinking has destroyed our family,” claims Ashley.

Traci admits she likes to drink but categorically denies that she’s dependent on alcohol. Ashley and Marena, along with their brother, Tony, say they want Traci in their lives but are ready to cut her out for good if things don’t change.

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