Karen says she’s in love with “Thomas,” a man she met online, and hopes they will spend the rest of their lives together. Her daughter, Mindy, says Karen has never met “Thomas” in person. She says she believes that “Thomas” is catfishing her mom.

Mindy says Karen gave “Thomas” $10,000 and claims her mother “does not have the financial means to just give money away.” Mindy wants to know why “Thomas,” who claims to be a successful oil rig engineer, would need the recently retired Karen’s money?

Mindy says she’s told her mother repeatedly that “Thomas” isn’t who he claims to be, but Karen refuses to believe her.

“I watch Dr. Phil every day, and I’m well aware of catfishers out there,” says Karen. “In my heart of hearts – I believe Thomas is real.”

What does Mindy say happened when Karen stopped sending “Thomas” money?

Part one of this two-part Dr. Phil,“My Mom Is in Love with a Man Who Doesn’t Exist,” airs Tuesday. Check your local listing to find out where you can watch.

WATCH: Woman Says She’s In Love With A Man She Met Online. Her Daughter Claims She’s Being Catfished

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