Alisa says when she was 11 years old; she was molested by her mother Tammy’s friend over 20 times inside of a year. Is Unbelievable Drama Dividing Your Family?

TELL DR. PHIL YOUR STORY: Is Unbelievable Drama Dividing Your Family? She claims Tammy was in the room on one occasion and even witnessed the man touching her inappropriately. She claims her mother refused to get the authorities involved because she was seeing the man at the time and didn’t want her affair exposed. Tammy says there was no affair, and that the man in question was just a friend.

In the video above, Tammy insists she didn’t see the abuse and says if she had known more she “would have done something.”

WATCH: Sisters Accuse Mom Of Turning A Blind Eye To Sexual Abuse; Mom Claims She ‘Didn’t Know’

But Alisa counters her mother’s explanation, asking: “What more did you need to know?”

At Dr. Phil’s urging, Tammy admits to her daughter “I did fail you. And I am sorry for that”. But she still denies witnessing the abuse.

WATCH: ‘Mom Was Unreliable, Irresponsible And Negligent’ Says Daughter Who Claims Her Mother Did Nothing To Stop Sexual Abuse

Later, Dr. Phil confronts Tammy about additional sexual abuse Alisa claims to have suffered the very next year at the hands of another adult. Tammy claims she had a “stern talk with the guy” and tried to get him to confess to attacking Alisa, but concedes she still didn’t call the authorities, even after her older daughter Amy and other witnesses asked her to.

“What were you trying to get him to confess?” implores Dr. Phil. “It was confirmed by four people.”

Tammy, who says she was confused at the time responds, “I was thinking if you get somebody to confess, they won’t do it again.”

On Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Alisa and Amy confront their mother, saying they want Tammy to apologize for not acting to protect Alisa from a string of sexual abuse. Later, Tammy’s other two daughters, Susan and Aileen, step forward to talk about growing up in the household; and there’s a message from Tammy’s own mother, who reveals why she hasn’t spoken to Tammy in more than two years.

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Sisters Accuse Mom Of Turning A Blind Eye To Sexual Abuse; Mom Claims She 'Didn’t Know'