Sisters Brittney and Katelyn claim that throughout their lives, their mom, Cheryl, has been “neglectful, full of excuses and absent,” and chooses to “party with men” rather than be a mom, and they blame her absence for their teen troubles.

“My mother is a greedy, self-centered, pathological liar,” says Katelyn, 19.

“My mom is completely selfish,” Brittney, 18, adds.

WATCH: Mom Calls Teen Daughters ‘Spoiled Bitches’; They Say She’s A Liar And Would Rather Party Than Be A Mom

The teens also claim that there was little food in the house while they were growing up. They claim Cheryl left them unsupervised, that they were evicted from home after home after home, that the houses they lived in were unsanitary, that they found nude pictures of Cheryl with men on her phone and that she told them that she wished the kids died and overdosed.

Brittney and Katelyn currently live with their grandmother, Sharron, who calls her daughter a “horrible mother and a horrible daughter” and says she’s fed up with picking up the pieces of what she calls Cheryl’s bad choices.

Cheryl adamantly denies their accusations and says she was a good mom and that her daughters are ungrateful.

“Katelyn and Brittney are spoiled bitches and they physically make me sick. Now that I don’t want to put up with all their drama anymore, they’re mad, lashing out and verbally abusing me,” says Cheryl, who admits that she has punched Katelyn in the face and criticized her daughters for not going out into the world and flourishing.

“You’re saying, ‘The past is the past. We’re just where we are now,’” Dr. Phil says to Cheryl, “but as parents, we write on the slate of who our children are.”

He continues, “Aren’t our jobs as parents to prepare our children for the world?”

“You’re right, and I didn’t do that,” Cheryl says. “All of the stuff that I hear you reading is not true. That’s their word, and I have my side of the story.”

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In the video above, Brittney tells her mother why she can’t trust her. Is Cheryl to blame for all the dysfunction? And, what do the girls say they need from their mother to ever be able to have a relationship? Watch more from this episode here.