Ashley and Morgan said they were ready to disown their mom, Treva, for her excessive drinking, and they claimed, verbally abusing them and their father when they turned to Dr. Phil for help. The sisters said their mom was “a toxic, violent alcoholic,” who was out of control, and that although she’d been to rehab eight times, she’s never stayed sober.

Treva, who described herself as a “huge alchy,” walked on Dr. Phil’s stage barefoot and blew a .134 breathalyzer. Although she was adamant that she wouldn’t go to “another dumb treatment center,” after seeing images of how the alcohol was affecting her brain, she agreed to enter Origins. Watch more of her story here.

In the video above, hear what happened after the show. Did Treva make it to Origins?

“With my mom, nothing is that easy,” Treva's daughter Morgan says.

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, see how Treva is doing today. Check here to see where you can watch.

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