Singer, songwriter and actor David Cassidy shot to super-stardom in 1970 as Keith Partridge on the hit TV series The Partridge Family. The former teen heartthrob was adored by young girls and had a fan club with more members than Elvis and The Beatles combined.

But along with the adoration, money and success, Cassidy battled alcoholism which led to multiple DUIs and a license suspension.

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In the video above, from Dr. Phil’s exclusive interview with Cassidy, Dr. Phil asks the 66-year-old about his recent comment to People Magazine that he has been “pretty much sober” for the last two-and-a-half years.

“I had fallen off two-and-a-half-years ago,” Cassidy tells Dr. Phil, adding that a binge for him includes beer or wine and lasts two or three days until he goes back to AA.

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Cassidy, who recently revealed that he was diagnosed with dementia two years ago, describes why he says he fell off the wagon.

“Part of the reason that I fell off the first time was that I got the diagnosis,” he says. He says another contributing factor was his mom’s death due to dementia three years ago. “That’s when I started really drinking heavily. When she was in her last days, I would come to the hospital– I couldn’t come unless I was completely intoxicated. It was too painful for me.”

Cassidy was accused of being drunk at a recent California performance, where fans recorded video of him stumbling and appearing to forget lyrics, but he denies having had anything to drink.

On Tuesday’s episode, hear why Cassidy says he’s stepping out of the spotlight after a half-century career. And, he discusses the status of his current relationship with his family. Check here to see where you can watch the exclusive interview.

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What Life Was Like For David Cassidy During ‘The Partridge Family’