Patricia says she was a sun worshiper in the 80s and a G.L.O.W., Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, character who was required to tan every day, and now she’s “paying” for it. She says 10 years ago, she started developing dark spots on her face that she can’t seem to erase.

“I’m hoping Robin can help me with these brown spots and get them away,” Patricia says on Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil. “I’m a Gorgeous Lady of Wrestling and I need to glow.”

Robin McGraw says she, too, has dark spots that take a long time to clear up, and that’s one of the reasons she created her luxury skincare line, Robin McGraw Revelation. “I wanted to attack things that I suffer from as well as everyone else,” Robin says. “I wanted to help everyone look and feel their best.”

Robin says she has two products to help Patricia decrease the dark spots and brighten her appearance. To The Point! Dark Spot Corrector is a fast-absorbing cream that is created to help visibly reduce the appearance of dark spots. It is formulated with skin-brightening botanicals, like ginseng root and kojic acid known to inhibit melanin production, and our advanced Dynamic Infusion Technology™ helps fade dark spots and discoloration without irritation.

Robin also suggests Patricia try her set of four masks. “Each has a different purpose, and my brightening and spot-lightening face mask is specifically formulated to do just that and even out skin tone,” Robin tells Patricia. “It will restore your youthful glow while giving skin a burst of cool moisture and antioxidant protection.” (Learn more about the entire sheet mask collection here.)

“I want you to feel as beautiful and as radiant as you did when you first became a G.L.O.W. girl,” Robin says to Patricia.

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