April and Nathan claim a total stranger has been stealing photos of their 4-year-old daughters and posting them as their own on social media.

In fact, they claim a woman named Ashley has stolen hundreds of photos of the girls since they were born and has reposted them as if she were their own mother.

“She basically took my photos offline and made up a complete life of her as their mom, and has a story to go along with every single picture with my girls,” April says. “I realized at that time, my daughters had been digitally kidnapped.”

WATCH: Mother Accuses Stranger Of ‘Digitally Kidnapping’ Her 4-Year-Old Twin Daughters

While the photos on Ashley’s blog and social media accounts do seem to be the identical photos April and Nathan posted of their own daughters, though with different captions and sometimes blurring or cropping parts of the photos, Ashley denies stealing any of the couple’s pictures, calling the accusations “bizarre.”

“Being accused of something I didn’t do has totally thrown me for a loop,” she says.

WATCH: Parents Confront Woman Accused Of ‘Cyber Hijacking’ Their 4-Year-Old Twins

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil examines some of April and Nathan’s photos side by side with the photos on Ashley’s online accounts.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Plus, in part two of the interview on Thursday, will Ashley change her tune? Watch more here.