Lauren says she resents her parents, Laura and John, for her chaotic childhood, in which, she claims, she had no rules and no consequences. Lauren claims she was encouraged to drop out of school and that her father allowed her to drink and do drugs – and he even joined her.

“Growing up, I was allowed to do anything I wanted to do. There were hardly any rules,” Lauren claims. “When it came to school, my mom let me decide if I felt like going to school or not.”

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Lauren claims her dad was more of a friend to party with than a parent.

“As a teenager, I could drink, party, and do drugs with my dad,” she claims. “My dad would buy my cocaine, ecstasy and alcohol. My dad would party with me and my friends.”

John admits that he acted like a friend instead of a parent by drinking and doing drugs with Lauren, saying, “It was my way of having a relationship with her.”

Lauren also claims that her father cheated on her mother and told her not to tell, and that he was physically abusive toward her mom – an accusation John denies.

“Growing up, my parents were constantly fighting. My dad would call my mom, ‘Bitch,’ ‘Stupid,’ ‘Idiot.’ My dad would say that he would kill her,” Lauren claims. “Now, once every week or two, I have a nightmare about my dad killing my mom … It really is like a nightmare; a nightmare I can’t escape at all.”

Her mom says that she encouraged Lauren to drop out of school because she was unhappy and had social anxiety. “I had a lot of guilt, so I would try to make things easier for Lauren,” she explains. But Laura doesn’t think she should be held responsible for how her daughter’s life has turned out. “I’m a good mom to Lauren and I’ve gone above and beyond … The fact is she doesn’t work hard. She’s very lazy.”

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Lauren, now 26, claims that because of her childhood, she never learned any life skills and is unable to cope in the real world.

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Laura and John, “Your daughter is traumatized. She has what is called a constricted personality, at this point,” he says. “The reason that she has trouble expressing herself is because she has been traumatized. She probably has PTSD. She shakes and shutters. She has nightmares. She’s waking up with nightmares because of what you have done. She is not OK.”

To John, he says, “You’re an adult, and you’re going to have to start acting like one.”

Dr. Phil gives his opinion to John and Laura about how their parenting style differs from what is “typical, healthy, normal” in a family.

“This is sick and toxic,” he says.

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