Brittney says she and her family’s lives have been turned “upside down” ever since her teenage daughter became addicted to social media on her phone two years ago. She claims that whenever she has tried to limit her daughter’s phone use, the now 17-year-old’s behavior has escalated to include physical altercations, dropping out of school, making false allegations to child protective services, and running away from home to live in a tent.

“This is classic addiction 101,” says Dr. Nicholas Kardaras, who is widely considered the foremost expert on digital addiction. “I don’t care if it’s a substance or if it’s a behavior or if it’s a digital platform; addiction is typified by this type of behavior where it’s destroying her life.”

Watch the video above to hear Dr. Kardaras explain how excessive screen time can negatively impact the development of a child's brain in ways that mirror substance addiction.

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WATCH: Mom Says Teen Daughter’s Addiction To Social Media Has Turned Their Lives ‘Upside Down’

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