In Oregon, a serial rapist is set to be released from prison after serving just half his original sentence. He will be categorized as a level one threat which a survivor says is too low a classification for a violent offender who, she claims, has made threats against his victims from behind prison walls.

In Alabama, a suspect was arrested and charged with the kidnapping and murder of a 19-year-old woman committed while he was out on bond charged with other violent crimes. "Aniah's law," named in honor of the victim, would allow judges to deny bond to those who are charged with committing violent crimes.

“Violent offenders right now are getting pardoned and paroled and bonded out for a variety of reasons,” says Dr. Phil in the video above. “But you’ve got to be careful who you’re letting out.”

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WATCH: ‘Aniah's Law’ Would Give Alabama Judges More Discretion To Deny Bail To Those Charged With Violent Offenses

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