On Monday’s Dr. Phil, Pamela claimed her ex-husband, Pete, didn’t just abandon her – but their two teenage sons, Joseph and Pete Jr., when she says he left her to take up with a massage therapist named Lori who he met at a couple’s retreat. “After the divorce, both boys had depression issues,” she said. Pete denies Pamela’s claims that he abandoned their sons.

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Describing his 17-year marriage to Pamela as “very dissatisfying,” Pete, a former Catholic priest, and licensed counselor denied Pamela’s claims that he abandoned their children. He accused her of turning their boys against him.

Fifteen-year-old Peter Jr. committed suicide in March 2016. Pete and Pamela each say the other contributed to the circumstances surrounding their son’s death.

The couple’s surviving son, Joseph, explained why he says he blames his father for his younger brother’s death.

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