Ben Williams, one of Pastor Ronald Williams and his late wife, Patti’s, nine children, speaks out for the first time about Hephzibah House, the Christian boarding school Ronald and Patti founded in 1971 and Ronald still runs today.

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“The verbal abuse, the physical abuse, the psychological abuse – it occurred,” Ben claims. “It is very much like a jail. Every square inch of that place is under camera and audio surveillance.”

Ben claims as a child, he was spanked by his parents because his dad “firmly believed that spanking hard and spanking heavily was the only answer to parenting.”

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“It’s time for the truth to be told,” he says. “Do not send your daughter to Hephzibah House. It’s not utopia. It’s not safe, and it will cause great emotional, psychological and spiritual harm that will take them years to recover.”
In the video above, Ben faces some of the women who claim they were abused at the all-girl school. Hear what he says to them now.
On Monday’s episode of Dr. Phil, three women tell their stories. And, hear from another former student who defends the work of Pastor Williams and insists there was no abuse at Hephzibah House. Then, on Tuesday, a former Hephzibah House staff member describes what she says she witnessed inside the walls of the school. Check here to see where you can watch.
Pastor Ron Williams respectfully declined the opportunity to participate in this Dr. Phil episode. He adamantly denies that there is any abuse in this boarding school. Click here to read the Hephzibah House full response to the allegations.