Jourdon says her boyfriend, Richard, has been physically and verbally abusive with her. She says he has beaten her so bad that she didn’t recognize herself. She also says that Richard has a long list of expectations for her around the house and that if she doesn’t fulfill them, he will get upset.

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“I take care of him, take care of myself. I’m trying to make sure his kid’s doing well in school. I’m trying to study for college, and much more,” Jourdon says.

“Jourdon is going to clean, she’s going to cook, do laundry … she’s going to do everything. It’s as simple as that,” Richard says. “She can never meet my expectations.”

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Dr. Phil asks Jourdon, “Do you think you deserve better than that?” Hear her response in the video above, and how Dr. Phil says her personal truth is affecting her behavior.

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