Dr. Jacob Glanville, co-founder, CEO, and president of Distributed Bio, a biotech company in San Francisco, California, says he and his team have created a potential treatment for COVID-19. 

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“If we were to zoom in on the virus, you’d see these spikes all around the virus – kind of like spikes on a crown, which is why they call it the coronavirus – and the virus uses those spikes to attack and invade your cells,” Dr. Glanville explains to Dr. Phil on Wednesday’s episode. “What we’ve done is engineered an antibody that blocks those spikes, so that the virus is no longer infectious.”

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Hear more about the discovery in the video above – and why he says it’s essential to create this type of treatment for COVID-19.
What’s the next step for this treatment? And, how long will it take to put into action? Tune in on Wednesday to find out. Check here to see where you can watch.