Jemma says her daughters use her as a scapegoat for their problems. She says they claim she’s been abusive toward them because they don’t want to face their own problems.

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“I have never abused my children, and if I did, I would remember that,” she says. “My daughters blame me for Ceanne’s alcoholism. Rashelle and Ceanne, if they put it on me, they don’t have to do anything.”

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However, her daughters Ceanne and Rashelle claim their mother has abused them for the last 20 years. They claim they’ve gotten into knock-down-drag-out fights with Jemma and that she has sent them harassing text messages.

“My mom has been abusive to my sister and I our whole lives,” says Ceanne, who claims she became an alcoholic because of her mother’s abuse.

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Rashelle adds, “My mom will deny until the day that she dies that she has ever abused her children.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil asks Jemma, “Are you an abusive mother?” And, Ceanne and Rashelle confront their mother about her behavior. How does Jemma respond? This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday.. Watch more here.

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