Larry says four years ago, his now 32-year-old daughter, Taylor, accused him of sexually abusing her as a child – an accusation he vehemently denies. He says he has not seen or spoken to his daughter since, because he refuses to apologize for something he didn’t do.

Taylor’s mom and Larry’s ex-wife, Jan, says she doesn’t know if Larry molested Taylor, but she knows her daughter is “trauma-ridden.” She also says if the abuse happened, she wasn’t there for it. 
“I just know that when she started having those memories, it was very real to her, and she could tell me where it happened, what happened,” Jan claims.

“I know you want to support your daughter, and I know you want to stand behind her, but authenticity, honesty is one thing, and enabling a delusional belief is another,” Dr. Phil tells Jan. “If you believe her, you need to say so, and if you don’t, you need to say so.”
Hear Jan’s response in the video above.
On Monday’s episode, "My Spoiled Daughter Falsely Accused Me of Sexual Abuse," Taylor opens up about her struggles. Then, on Tuesday, "What’s Behind Taylor’s Alleged Flashbacks?," Dr. Phil questions if mother and daughter may have a dysfunctional relationship, which could be preventing Taylor from healing. And, Larry insisted on taking a polygraph to prove his innocence. See what the results reveal. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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