“Agent Sebastian” is a social media personality who records videos of himself in parking lots calling out people for not bringing their shopping carts to the cart return. The founder of “Cart Narcs” posts his encounters online, where he’s received over 25 million views.

“There’s no criminal charge, there’s no ticket [that] I’m writing anybody. It’s just a violation of common courtesy,” says Sebastian.

Desiree says she was recently confronted by “Agent Sebastian” while legally parked in a disabled parking space. She’s accusing him of bullying and telling her she had “lazybones-itis” for not returning her cart.

“Don’t ever tell somebody with a disability it’s ‘lazybones-itis,’” says Desiree to Sebastian in the encounter he recorded outside a supermarket. Then, in a written statement to Dr. Phil, she says, “This man & his co-workers need to stop harassing people. You never know what someone else is going through.”

Sebastian, who works alone, adamantly denies harassing Desiree. Watch the video above to find out how he responds to her statement. And later, hear from Tromaine, who claims he was illegally detained in a parking lot by Sebastian in 2020.

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Publicly Shamed By ‘The Cart Narcs,’” airs Tuesday. Check your local listing for air times.

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