Alex claims he has not only become enlightened, but has come face to face with God Himself, and has unlocked the answers to all of life’s greatest questions and mysteries. He says he has gained his knowledge from gurus, clairvoyants and aliens.

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Alex says one of the biggest influences on his path to enlightenment has been Dr. Deepak Chopra, a pioneer in integrative medicine and personal transformation.

“He completely understands all of the concepts that I talk about and he’s able to explain everything in great detail,” Alex says.

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Alex's wife turned to Dr. Phil for help because she claims during his quest for enlightenment, Alex has neglected his family and lost $200,000 of their savings and their business.

In the video above, Dr. Phil surprises Alex by introducing him to Dr. Chopra and having him weigh in on Alex’s claims of enlightenment.

“Is he interpreting or misinterpreting many of the things that he’s referencing here?” Dr. Phil asks Dr. Chopra.

“There is such a thing as pretending to be enlightened. It’s called mood-making, making a mood of the experience. Alex does use the right buzz words,” says Dr. Chopra, author of the new book You Are The Universe. “I’m sure he has glimpses of truth, too, but his life is not integrated. Because if he has found the truth, that should be reflected in his personal relationships, particularly his family – his wife, his children – his job, his career, his social interactions, his professional environment and everything that we call life.”

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Dr. Phil adds, “I’ve looked at some of the things that Alex says, and then I look at the things that he does, and they are incongruent and inauthentic. And when I see incongruency in spirit and behavior, that seems to me to suggest mental instability.” He asks Dr. Chopra, “If he has achieved what he has said, would he not be brimming with compassion for those in his life – his wife and his children? Would he not be enveloping them in love and protection and compassion, rather than judgment and abandonment?”

“Everything I’ve seen reflects selfishness, and self-absorption, and narcissism and complete disregard for family and children. and that certainly is a matter for great concern,” Dr. Chopra says. “He first needs to heal himself in integrating his life, his mind, his body, his spirit, his health, his well-being. He needs to do that with his wife and his children. Then he has to extend that to his career and society.”

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Dr. Chopra says that enlightenment requires the attitudes of love, compassion, empathy, joy, equanimity, peace of mind. “If you are not peaceful, then the environment will show that lack of peace,” he tells Alex.

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Friday. Watch more here.

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