Chase, 19, claims his only experience smoking marijuana in college caused him to have a severe panic attack. Since then he’s dropped out of school, been hospitalized numerous times, and was recently kicked out of his parents’ home.

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His parents, Chris and Amy, say Chase was terrorizing the family, became physically aggressive and disrespected them.

Chris claims he’s not responsible, it’s his mental illness that causes him to behave that way. He says he feels “like an alien,” and that his brain feels like “mush.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil introduces the family to Dr. Frank Lawlis, director of the Lawlis Peavy PNP (PsychoNeuroPlasticity) Center.

Suggesting that Chase may be suffering from a form of PTSD, Dr. Lawlis says, “He might have been highly anxious in the situation that he was in, so we need to look at that. And then, we also need to consider the fact that he's got some issues of what we call reflexive fighting response. And that is, when you are anxious and feel out of control, you attack anybody that's around.”

When Chase is referred to the PNP Center for a thorough diagnostic exam along with structured therapies designed to heal brain function, does he accept?

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