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In 2018, Dr. Phil learned from MyHeritage consultant Yvette Corporon about Paschal Rice, his great-great-grandfather born in 1826, who served as a private in the Mexican war. He also discovered that his paternal grandfather, Joseph McGraw, served in WWI.

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“I was astounded how much you found out of how little I had to do,” Dr. Phil says when Yvette returns Wednesday with more details from Dr. Phil’s family tree.

“Using their powerful technology, MyHeritage actually does the searching for you,” says Yvette, noting that the process is “Super easy.”

Watch the video above to see Dr. Phil’s response when learning he comes from a long line of farmers, including his paternal grandfather, Joe, his 4x great-grandfather, William Russell, and grandfather on his mother’s side, John Calvin Stevens, who also served in WWI.

“Once again, I am amazed and fascinated with all of this information that MyHeritage has found out about my family history,” he says.

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