Peggy says she has been “stripped of her confidence” married to Steve for 13 years. She says he has never consummated their marriage, has told her that he doesn’t love her, and has lied to her. She says the only way she knows how to feel better is to lash out and call Steve terrible names. She also admits she has punched and slapped Steve, including knocking his glasses off his face when he was driving.
Steve admits he has contributed to the demise of their marriage as well. He says he has yelled at Peggy and cussed at her.

Dr. Phil, along with his wife, Robin, founder of When Georgia Smiled, an organization that brings awareness to domestic violence, and creator of the Aspire Initiative, which helps educate about domestic violence and the Aspire app which allows victims to call for help with the touch of a button, offer their advice to the couple.
“When you have violence, domestic violence, as you listed – verbal, emotional, mental, and physical – in a relationship, it is definitely a deal-breaker,” Robin says.
“You’ve got to decide that you’re going to hold yourself to a standard – and that’s got to be off the table,” Dr. Phil adds.
Hear more of Dr. Phil and Robin’s warning to the couple in the video above.  
Can – and should – this marriage be saved? See what happens on Wednesday’s episode, "'My Lying Husband Refuses to Consummate Our 13-Year Marriage.'" Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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