Having just celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary, Dr. Phil and Robin have mastered how to sustain a happy and love-filled relationship.

“I always tell people that the formula for a good relationship is that it’s based on a solid friendship,” says Dr. Phil in a new interview with Us Weekly. “We’re really good friends.”

The couple, who have been together since Dr. Phil was 22 and Robin was 19, spend a lot of time enjoying each other’s company. Whether it’s binge-watching a TV series or making dinner together, the talk show host and CEO of Robin McGraw Revelation luxury skincare collection make sure they’re always having fun.

“We play a lot of pinball,” Dr. Phil says of one of their favorite nighttime activities. “We have a pinball machine, and we’ll go out there at night when we should be in bed and play pinball.”

Robin says they agree to play one or two games, but it always ends up being one more. “We’re both competitive, and I don’t like to not at least win one game,” she says. “So we end up playing maybe 10, 15.”

The couple, who never spends more than two or three days apart, share their secret for getting through rough patches.

“All couples fight and have disagreements, but we don’t have big blowups because we deal with things when they arise. We don’t let it build up for a week, two weeks, three weeks,” Dr. Phil says. “We’ve never been separated — and the ‘D’ word has never been spoken in this house.”

“We really did agree from the start that we weren’t going to fight, and so we just don’t,” Robin adds. “The older we get, the more we truly believe life is just too short. We’re just happy and proud of what we have.”

Watch more in the video above. And, read the entire interview with Dr. Phil and Robin in the new issue of Us Weekly, available now.