Former couple, Pete and Pamela, each claims the other contributed to the suicide of their 15-year-old son, Peter Jr. Pamela claims Pete “abandoned” Peter Jr. and their older son, Joseph, when she says he left her to pursue a relationship with his new wife, Lori. Pete has accused Pamela of wanting Peter Jr. dead after he says she vowed to do “everything in her power” to turn their boys against him. Each strongly denies the other’s claims.

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When Dr. Phil tells Pete, “Putting out other people’s candles does not make yours burn brighter,” Pete walks off the stage.

Dr. Phil apologizes to Pamela, “for you having to hear the words that you wanted your son dead.”

“I’ve heard worse,” she responds.

What words of comfort does Dr. Phil offer to Pamela? And what does he suggest to help her, and her son, Joseph, deal with their grief in the aftermath of Peter Jr.’s suicide?

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Divorced Parents Each Claim The Other Was Partly to Blame For Teenage Son’s Suicide