Jeramie says he knows his on-again, off-again girlfriend, Brittney (who he sometimes refers to as “B2”), would love to marry him. But not only does Jeramie say he not in love with her – he says he's not over his ex-wife, Brittany (who he sometimes refers to as “B1”), and would like to work things out with the mother of his kids.

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Meanwhile, Jeramie’s three children with Brittany (“B1”) currently live with him in an informal custody arrangement. Brittney (“B2”), who Jeramie says also lives with him most of the time, helps to take care of them.

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“Knowing what you know, and knowing that you’re kind of a ‘spare’ Brittney,” says Dr. Phil to Jeramie’s girlfriend, “why is that OK with you?”

Watch the video above to see Brittney’s response. Plus, find out why Jeramie’s ex-wife and her mother are claiming that he’s been keeping the kids away from them.

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