Over two spell-binding episodes, Dr. Phil has methodically reviewed the complex issues surrounding the marriage and divorce of former priest Pete, his ex-wife Pamela, and the circumstances that splintered their family. He explores their son Joseph’s estrangement from his father, and the tragic suicide of their younger son Peter Jr., in March 2016.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil gives Pete and Pamela some insight into what he says is the mutual anger they hold toward one another. “Behind anger, if you pull that away, you see hurt, fear and frustration. I think both of you right now have very raw emotions.”

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Dr. Phil then speaks frankly to Pete about what he says is Pete’s “destructive and reckless” remarks to his son and former wife. “I pray to God that you don’t mean them,” he says. “Because if you do, then you sir, have a black heart.” After giving several examples of what he terms Pete’s “rhetoric” while on the show, he continues, “Putting out other people’s candles does not make yours burn brighter.”

“I have love in my heart – she has hatred. And that’s the bottom line,” responds Pete, before leaving the stage to disapproving audience reaction.

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Tune in to Dr. Phil on Tuesday to watch the captivating conclusion of this family drama, and hear his uplifting message of hope for the future to Joseph. It’s a can’t-miss episode!

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