Trisha live streams her life on YouTube and claims a few of her followers are actually “haters” who bully her, call her names, and are out to ruin her life.

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Trisha says Wendy is one of those “haters." Wendy alleges Trisha has a long history of bullying people online and claims she proved it in an “investigative podcast” of Trisha that she and two others produced. Trisha and her husband, Sean, deny the accusations.

When Trisha and Wendy meet up on the Dr. Phil stage, Wendy tells her, “The things that you’re doing Trisha, you know are not okay. I know you are not proud of your actions.”

Dr. Phil observes, “I think the internet - while really a wonderful tool - can also be very toxic. It can lead to getting involved with predators, it can be very dangerous, and you can lose yourself in it.”

Continuing he says, “I’m doing this as a cautionary tale and – boy is this a good example.”

Part two of this two-part Dr. Phil airs Tuesday. And if you missed part one, catch up here. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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