Sisters Kelly and Kourtney claim their mother, Karla, has been conned out of $100,000 by someone online pretending to be actor/director Tyler Perry. They also claim the catfish is taking advantage of Karla emotionally, by convincing her they’re married and share biological children together.

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On Thursday.'s episode, Dr. Phil tells Karla that the real Tyler Perry, who is a philanthropist as well as a well-known filmmaker, wouldn’t be asking for money from her.

Dr. Phil questions why the person Karla says she believes to be the entertainer is writing to her in broken English; to which she replies, “A lot of that was done by design,” and that she and her online love have their “own personal way of communicating.”

When he tells Karla that the actual Tyler Perry “doesn’t talk that way,” how does she respond?

The conclusion of this two-part episode airsThursday.  Check here to find out where you can watch.

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Sisters Claim Mom Is Being Conned Into Donating Money To Fake Charities