Stacey says shortly after her mom, Gail, started online dating, she met a man named “Fallon Galvin,” with whom she had a relationship for over a year. Stacey says she's certain that her mom was being scammed and claims Gail even cashed out her 401K to give “Fallon” money.
Dr. Phil reviews emails that “Fallon” sent to Gail. See what he discovers in the video above.  
Gail says she’s now in an online relationship with a man named “Matt Hurley.” On Monday’s episode, "'Our Mom Lived Without Heat and Water … For Online Scammers!'," hear why Stacey and her sister say they believe Gail is being scammed by “Matt.” Plus, see what happens when Dr. Phil and Gail try to call “Fallon.” And on Tuesday, a Dr. Phil producer in Nigeria goes to find "Matt Hurley” at the hotel where he claims he has been living. Check local listings to see where you can tune in.

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