Chris, who is in a polyamorous relationship with Erica and Charnell, says he is their “king,” coach, leader, and teacher. Conceding that he currently has no job, no home, and several children, nevertheless, Chris claims to be “a human leader” whose ideas are “very important to the progression of humanity.” He says he believes the world should forget about money and rely on cooperatives and bartering.

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Charnell, who is currently pregnant with Chris’ child, and Erica, with whom he has two children, claim Chris is helping them to better themselves. The women, who also don’t hold jobs, admit they’ve had to panhandle on occasion to help their family survive.

Erica’s mother, Suzanne, father, Guy, and stepmother, Susan, claim she was forced into her current lifestyle by Chris, which she denies. They claim that Chris, Erica, and Charnell are putting their children in danger by using them as “props” when Erica and Charnell beg for money on the streets; and that they’ve seen Chris in videos online yelling, ranting and cursing, while holding their grandchild.

“My concern about what I’m seeing is; that to me, is emotional and intellectual child abuse and neither parent is stepping up to protect the children,” Dr. Phil says on Tuesday’s episode.

Erica asks, “What makes you think that we don’t put their needs over our own?”

When Dr. Phil asks Dr. Charles Sophy, Medical Director for the Los Angeles Department of Child and Family Services, to weigh in, do the polyamorous partners continue to argue that they’re doing what they feel is best for their kids?

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