Heather, who admits her boyfriend, Collin, has put his hands on her, ripped her clothes, and bit her face, says she doesn’t think of the way he treats her as abuse. Collin admits to putting his hands on Heather but claims that’s because she pushes his buttons and “constantly pokes me until I explode.”

In addition to getting physical with her, Heather claims that Collin has verbally assaulted and degraded her.

“Many times he puts me down about the way I look, showing too much, that I’m being promiscuous and messing around with other guys,” she says.

Heather’s friend, Jennifer, says, “Heather suffers from low self-esteem because she truly believes everything that he says to her.”

How does Heather respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Do you believe that’s the best you can do?”

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