Treva has been arrested for two DUIs and spent 170 days in jail due to her excessive drinking. The former United States Defense employee and university adjunct professor describes herself as a ‘huge alchy’ and admits to drinking a handle of alcohol a day. She has been to rehab numerous times but has difficulty remaining sober.

When she first appeared on Dr. Phil a year ago, she came on stage drunk and barefoot. Watch her story here.

Treva agreed to enter rehab but when she left the sober living facility, her daughter says she hit the bottle right away.

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On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Treva once again comes to stage intoxicated. In the video above, Dr. Phil questions her about a water bottle of hers the staff discovered before she sat down with Dr. Phil.

“You’re here in the studio drinking vodka out of a water bottle?” Dr. Phil asks her.

Does Treva say she wants to get sober? See her response in the video above. And on Friday, Treva is given another chance to enter treatment. Will she agree? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Season 16 of Dr. Phil premieres Tuesday, September 12. Check here to see where you can watch.